How much does it cost to hire a large motorhome in Suffolk

It depends on the time of year, but our price  for a long weekend is between £300 and £500.

For a week the price is between £500 and £900

The Roller-Team 707 has seven travelling seats and can sleep seven, however, we limit the number to six. The seventh bed is  best suited to a child.  

If you register and follow the links you can get the precise figure.  Before you pay over money we ask that you look at our conditions, you are also welcome to speak to us and  inspect our vehicles  providing of course they are not out on hire.

The vehicle is ideal for a family of  mum, dad and 4 children. It has diesel central heating so the vehicle can be used during the winter. 

How much does it cost to hire a two berth motorhome in Suffolk?

Our Swift Suntor 590RL would cost from £300 for a week. 

This vehicle based on Fiat Ducato 2.8 Turbo Diesel actually has 4 berths, but unfortunately only two seat belts.

Adults can legally travel in the habitation area but children can't.  The vehicle has TV, gas heating, oven, awning, solar panels, shower, toilet and a two-bike rack..

This vehicle is ideal for a couple. 

The Mooveo and Chausson Flash are compact vehicles suitable for a couple and a small child. Please phone 01728 746 238 and we can advise on vehicle suitability.

Suntor Mooveo Auto-Roller 707

                                    Suntor    Mooveo   Chausson  Auto-Roller

Friday 26 May  6 nights     £511      £661       £661        £751

Friday 26 May   3 nights    £271      £346       £346        £391

May Day Bank Holiday
30% discount on bookings for this weekend.   Phone  01728 746 238