Chausson Flash08 Added to Fleet

Chausson Flash08

This is the Low-line Chausson Flash08 it has a fixed double bed and the seats make another double.

It has air con, huge fridge and an awning. Please pictures on next page.

This vehicle will be available from 7 July. 

Until our systems are update booking can't be done on line.  To book please call us.

Monday 11am to Monday 9am

Monday 11am to Friday 11am

Friday 3pm to  Monday  10am

The above is the Chausson Flash08. It joins our  Chausson Flash02  and Chausson Flash09

I don't know what the 08, 02 and 09 stand for.

The O2  has 4 seat belts and sleeps 2 Adults in a fixed double.  (Compact)

The 09  has 6 seat belts and sleeps 6 Adults 2 over-cab, 2 bunks, seats make another double. (Requires a C1 licence ...over 3500 Kg)

The 08  has 4 seat belts and sleeps 4 Adults in a fixed double and a 3/4 double made from half dinette. ( Luxury for 2 )