Our Motorhomes can be driven on a normal car licence because they are under 3500Kg, this means that there is a limit to the number passengers  and the amount of luggage that you are allowed.

The Auto Roller 707 has belts for 7, but if these were occupied by adults then the amount of luggage would be severely limited.  If some of the passengers were children then there would be no problem.

The Suntor  carries fewer passengers, so  weight is not a problem. 

If your party is mostly adults  then you should consider a vehicle  over 3500Kg, but you would need a C1 licence. If you took your driving test before 1997 and are under 70, then you may already  have a C1 licence.

If you took your driving test after 1997 then you would probably have to take another test. Look on your licence and you will see the categories of vehicle you are permitted to drive.

The advantage of the 707 is that  you can put the children to bed, while the adults stay up. There is no need to re-arrange the furniture every night.